And now What ???

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Re: And now What ???

Postby RainbowDash » Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:26 pm

The "suggestion" is simply questionable. I havent even read the whole post, but i already know what this post is leading to. However, i have the capacity, sociality and knowledge to communicate with each other. I appreciate every idea in the forum, but if the "ideas" turn into whine threads, i usually disrespect the idea. Maybe THIS helps next time.

Anyways, i create ideas by myself to improve the game, to be honest, these ideas aren't rated bad at all. In a PvE Based game we shouldn't add to much PvP content, so we dont need this idea. The idea about an open PvP system was suggested already - by me. Today i understand why so many people want PvP... but there is still no reason to blame the devs about YOUR boredom. Im bored too, but for this i suggest new content, new maps, new events, new stuff, or like my upcoming idea, a dungeon chain. You may like PvP, other prefer PvE, easy as it is. But if you dont mind, the devs could add some sort of tournament, and remove the stations. since you hate the stations... but this wont happen.

So... again, THIS is not a pay2win game, deal with it. I do also think this game is very expensive after all, and of course the refitting of weapon bonuses is just insane, even after the drastically reduce of the price... but thats why i think we should make cash more useful. there is so many content we could add to make the cash/equilibrium more... popular. but why do YOU dont suggest anything? except a flame thread i dont see any useful idea.

regards ~

PS: Ironwing, make me an admin :lol: just kidding
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Re: And now What ???

Postby ReTRiBuTioN » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:01 am

Please let me believe that you have NO “capacity, sociality and knowledge to communicate with each
To have all this, first you have to read ALL post and understand what the other want to say….
So let me make you clear with what this post started… because you have no seen any suggestion or idea in the post, as you said... ( the problem of not reading.., as I mention before... ;) )
Started with my suggestion to connect everything with fights… EVERYTHING
Rewards, E, Nova, Stations,weapons… any activity in this War game…
So every player have no other option except to fight.
Sooo insane !!!!!!, :roll: , to suggest fights in a war game ….
And I not hate stations… in contrary… the system for gain points from them I don’t like.
And did you see from the stuff of the game any reply to the post? Not necessary positive…
Ironwing only replied when I said about the main reason of last update… "The Money !!!! ":lol:
So, If you don’t find this suggestion interesting, [ sorry I forget - you have probably not read it - ], is your problem, your opinion, and that's fine.
Not writing this post, for hearing that is good, but just to see the response from all others if they want
the game to go to this direction I propose. Of course there are and many other ideas who follow in this path but
why to write them if the players and mostly the stuff of that game not want this way ??
It is a war game. Everything idea I have is about that this game declares… War and Fights….
Till the game gets again that way, no point to suggest anything more.
And once again… I don’t play with the words. I say everything with its name…
I believe that this game turns to a Pay2Wingame and will not stop to say that….
Even, if you and the stuff of the game not want to have that written....
so all the players can see and realize it…
and this, YOU and all the stuff have to deal with it ......
Why we do NOT fight? To get ΕQUILIBRIUM. Perhaps the better question is, why ?? NO NEED to fight to get that EQUILIBRIUM

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Re: And now What ???

Postby dantemp » Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:00 am

Hey guys,

I'm very sorry for your frustration. And I get it, things aren't going exactly as planned. @ReTRiBuTioN says that he doesn't like how the battle contribution is earned by standing around and doing nothing. And it should be about fighting.

Well, I agree and this is exactly why we added this feature. We were really hoping that the red players will have the incentive to help each other protect the Extraction Points. You know, if you stay there and fend off the enemies you will accumulate battle contribution and earn Equilibrium for the next two hours at least. We believed that this feature will unite the players and make for great battles. This was the goal, not one faction sitting around and the other not going anywhere near the EP's.
There is a very big gap between the two factions and it is hard to deal with. We've heard many suggestions but none seemed fair for both sides. We added some strong losers bonuses and that got one victory for Vindexis, but the next time they had the same bonuses they were sabotaged. We added the new feature of "War Recommendation" to make such stunts harder and we will see how it will play out this time. We did many other things with the same purpose of setting an even ground for everyone. Some worked better than others. I can talk about them all day, but there isn't much point.

We do want to listen to you guys and make the game better for you, but we can't really work with "make everything more battle related, I know it's easy to abuse but you have to find a way to deal with it". We can't just magic an answer "how" out of a hat. We can easily catch people that use multiple accounts from one machine, but the problem is when two people work together. There is no way to make a program that can make the difference between two players fighting and two players staging a fight. It doesn't work like that. If someone can suggest a system that cannot be abused, we will be eternally grateful and we will jump on implementing it.

All that being said, we are working on a serious revamp. It will be focused on making for more interesting fights and bringing everyone together. But it will take time. I can't really ask of you "just wait and you'll see" because some of you are waiting for years. I get that. All I can tell you is enjoy the game as much as you can now and if you get bored and don't won't to play anymore, just keep an eye on it. Maybe in the months that will come by you will see the changes we are talking about. Or you can stick around and be part of the process that will help this game emerge of its shell and become something we can all love. All I can promise is that we will do our best.

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Re: And now What ???

Postby player77 » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:01 pm

okay, then for further changes or big flood of red players, i am out of game, i cant fight alone against faction, i dont care for war and bonuses,
the easiest for me would be to get back in yellow faction where i started this game, but i am not satisfied by sitting on stations and getting resources, because what for resources are if not for fights

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Re: And now What ???

Postby ReTRiBuTioN » Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:27 pm

For dantemp.

I read your answer here but , friendly, I want to tell you that you are too far from this game
and everything that happen in it.
No underestimate your kind feelings and that your try to give an answer but all that are excuses.
So, for you to have a better icon of the game as it is now:
1. How many names want to give you for players who have red and yellow account at about same lvl ? They vote an take place in council, change the skills in stations in an attack, help when need it the opposite faction, …. Isn’t these an abuse or not ??? Do all the stuff of that game know that or not ?? why not take measures about it ???
2. What about the old players who CAN move items, between accounts, made from mechanic ?? The items bounded to the account AFTER that update… had mentioned this to ironwing next day after update and several times next. There are several accounts, no active, with such items which have spread to other weak accounts . Is this an abuse or not ?? What the stuff did about this ?? and if can do nothing , to be fair, let the items free for all again..
3. Stations : last 2 weeks two players have spent about 300-400€ , no less - maybe more, just to put nova in stations !!! This is not an abuse ?? and I call that abuse because have no other logical explanation !!!. To get all E from stations for what reason ?To make items? To upgrade guild ?? for what ?? But… they can do all those with the nova they bought…. So... No other sense, except to abuse the game against the other players… No measures also for this…..
Can write here much more about abuses at the game as it is now but no reason…

The conclusion is that the stuff not want?/can’t? do a better game for the players. No respect for old players who are 56 lvl about 3 years, having nothing to do and most of them stopped ( many from red fanction !!! ) , no respect also for the new players who face all the above, and much much more except these.

I like this game too much and feel very sorry any time need to write something in forum.
But have no other way ,as the mistakes here are much and in any new update instead of, the game be better goes to worst.
I really think that the game loses the war character with which started and goes to ‘meet’ farmerama more and more after any new upgrade…
Why we do NOT fight? To get ΕQUILIBRIUM. Perhaps the better question is, why ?? NO NEED to fight to get that EQUILIBRIUM

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Re: And now What ???

Postby dantemp » Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:41 am


Of the things you are complaining about there is not one violation of a rule that we have . I know mutliaccounting is an issue, but if we try to tackle it directly we will open a pandora box. That's why we will make everything possible to fix it with a good game design. This will take time, but we hope that multiaccounting will be defeated by introducing gameplay changes that will make it irrelevant. I'm also aware of the old exploits that are still affecting the game. The unbound engineered items are the small devil, the big problems was the Ultralibrium income that allowed some players to have almost infinite resources. We are aware of all those issues, we are discussing different solutions. Those were our mistakes and we will have to find a way to fix them. But please don't say we aren't doing anything about it. The introduction of War Recommendation was exactly a counter measure against a rich yellow player having billions of cash and using it to sabotage the council vote. It seems that it worked, this week the council is mainly of legitimate Vindexis fighters. It may look small, but we put a lot of work onto it. And we will continue to do.

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Re: And now What ???

Postby ReTRiBuTioN » Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:20 pm

I know exactly what I wrote. Didn't mention in any part about rules violation !
I wrote about abuse. Abuse that can be in parts that rules are , let’s say, more “loose”.
What more simple and fair , for example, to add in stations, in the part of nova, that for having access to this, need to have first 10-20 kills defending that station ??
Except of course, if you just interesting only for the nova…. So in that case have nothing more to say…
My signature think says everything !!!
Why we do NOT fight? To get ΕQUILIBRIUM. Perhaps the better question is, why ?? NO NEED to fight to get that EQUILIBRIUM

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Test, just a test

Postby XRumerTest » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:16 pm

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